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Championing Transparency using Right to Information and Public Expenditure Tracking

Ghana, a nation rich in vibrant youth is on the path to progress and development. To ensure that the voices of the youth are heard and their interests are protected, it is crucial to equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge. Recently, I had the privilege of taking part of a transformative three-day workshop organized by Youth Empowerment for Life (YEFL-Ghana). Under the theme, "Ghana's Rights to Information and Public Expenditure Tracking," the workshop aimed to empower youth policy champions like myself to actively monitor the nation's affairs and promote transparency. This article aims to highlight the significance of the workshop and the vital role that Ghana's youth can play in fostering accountable governance.

During the workshop, we delved into the fundamental aspect of Ghana's Right to Information law. This law grants citizens the power to access information from public institutions, thereby fostering transparency and accountability. We learnt about the procedures involved in submitting information requests and the mechanisms in place to ensure timely responses. Armed with this knowledge, we can now exercise our right to access information and hold public officials accountable for their actions.

Another key aspect of the workshop focused on understanding how budgets are formulated and executed in Ghana. We explored the intricate details of the appropriation act, which outlines how funds are allocated to various sectors and departments. By comprehending this process, we gained insights into the priorities set by the government and how public resources are utilized for the betterment of society.

The workshop emphasized the importance of tracking public expenditure to ensure that funds are spent wisely and efficiently. We were introduced to various tools and methodologies to monitor and evaluate government spending. With these skills, we can identify potential instances of mismanagement or corruption, thus safeguarding the interests of the people. Armed with data and evidence, we can engage in constructive dialogue with policymakers and advocate for more accountable governance.

As youth policy champions, we now hold a significant responsibility to apply our newfound knowledge effectively. We have been equipped to serve as watchdogs, diligently monitoring public institutions, and holding them accountable for their actions. By actively participating in the democratic process, we can contribute to shaping policies that address the needs and aspirations of the Ghanaian youth.

To conclude, the workshop on Ghana's Rights to Information and Public Expenditure Tracking has been a transformative experience, empowering me and my fellow youth policy champions to become catalysts for positive change. Equipped with knowledge of the right to information law, the budgetary process, and public expenditure tracking, we are well-prepared to ensure transparency and accountability in Ghana's governance. By actively monitoring happenings in our nation, we can collectively contribute to shaping a brighter future for all Ghanaians. Let us embrace our role as agents of change and work towards a more accountable and prosperous Ghana. Read, leave a comment and share.

Compiled by Sulemana Hamza

Youth Policy Champion


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