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Ghana Goals- GAME

Ghana Goals is a project that sought to empower young people aged between 8 and 25 to become community contributors and leaders in two underserved areas of Accra and Tamale, Ghana. The program uses street sports as a vehicle to creating lasting social change through a focus on young people’s empowerment and health through sports and life skills.


 GAME in Ghana partnered with DUNK and YEFL-Ghana to mobilize, capacitate and facilitate young people in Accra and Tamale to create social change via youth-led street sports and culture. Young people called Playmakers are selected and trained to be coaches to children between the ages of 5-18. The playmakers with support from the organizations organised weekly practices to take the children through various sports activities whiles exploring social issues. Gender equality, inclusion, health, social cohesion, sanitation, education amongst others were the social issues the playmakers discuss with children whiles playing football, basketball and dancing.  In all there are 7 zones with 6 in Accra and 1 in Tamale. We have been on this project since 2020, with the last phase ending in 2022. 


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