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Youth Speak Up project seeks to develop competencies of youth reporters to support active citizenship and engagement of young people in community to address injustices through the use of radio and social media tools. The project is jointly implemented by Ghana Friends in Denmark, YEFL-Ghana, Rural Media Network (RUMNET) and HOPin Academy.

The project is being funded by Denmarks Ingathering through Ghana Friends in Denmark.

Whilst YEFL-Ghana plays the coordinating role, RUMNET handles the radio component of the project, particularly training youth community journalists in all relevant disciplines from ethics to the various technical skills involved in journalistic work for radio productions. RUMNET also plays a role in building relationships with radio stations and networking with media houses. HOPIN Academy is responsible for training youth community journalists and listeners’ clubs in using social media and visuals to discuss, display and address issues of injustice; and advice on how social media in the various forms it is relevant in Ghana can be used optimally in the project.

Community Journalists in for a pratical session
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