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YEFL-Ghana is using art as a change catalyst. The approach seeks to bring together a critical mass of young creatives in the Northern Region. The aim is to give youth new and different platforms and tools to address issues affecting them and their communities to attract the desired responsiveness from relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, it is a strategic objective to create collaborations between North-South youth to bridge the divide and facilitate forums and platforms where the youth can address issues at the national level. 


The Art of Change Project connects specific artists/creatives in Tamale, Ghana with    artists/creatives in the Greater Accra, Ghana. The activities comprise of a number of workshops and collaborative meetings and exhibitions.



• To create a common space for interested members from the community of creatives based in the North and in the South of Ghana to collaborate on interesting projects that lead thought and inspire positive change among their audiences.


• To use the arts as a channel that bridges the north/south divides of Ghana. Young people from both areas often share similar visions and having a unified font to activate some of these could prove more effective.

Young Artist
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