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Generally, youth participation in governance processes at the local level is low in Ghana and Northern region in particular. The absence of suitable platforms for productive engagement between the youth and duty bearers remains a challenge. This has resulted to widening the information gap on governance and youth development issues between the youth population and their local authorities. Information is power and therefore lack of access to adequate information has waned the youth’s confidence and interest to exercise their civic rights and responsibility to take active part in decision making process, demand accountability and responsiveness from duty bearers at the local level. 

The Youth Parliament is a self-initiated activity which was started the the Saboba Youth Centre, later adopted and currently being modelled and implemented by YEfL-Ghana in parts of the Northern Region of Ghana. For the purposes of this Concept, the term Youth Parliament is defined here as an activity implemented by a youth CBO/Group to discuss and find solutions to community issues they identify, with relevant follow up mechanisms using the procedures and principles of a democratic parliamentary system. 

The project seeks to create conditions which will enable equal and active participation of both young females and males including persons with disabilities in the governance processes at the community and district levels.

The project seeks to achieve increased youth participation in governance processes using friendly accountability platforms. It also seeks to increase access to information by youth to capacitate them to demand accountability and responsiveness engage duty bearers.

The project will capacitate young females and persons living with disabilities to promote equal and active participation in the governance processes at the community and district levels.

Youth parliamentarians
Youth Parliamentarians
Youth Parliamentarians
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