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Climate change has caused environmental alertness amongst nations narrowed down to communities. In Northern Region, most communities have had their resources endangered and under threats of climate change effects. Young people in these communities have no other option than to collectively safeguard these resources to protect their environment. A climate change Instruction Camp was organized for young people in various communities to invoke their alertness and equip them to take practical and affordable actions.

Below are some actions adopted by the young people to safeguard various resources in their respective communities.

Tip #1-Improve Sanitation

Young people from Sang a community in the Mion District, leverage on other youth groups in their community, the market occupants, sanitation officers (zoomlion sanitation agency in charge of waste disposal), the district assembly and the support of the traditional leaders to clear heap of waste and unclogged choked gutters.

Tip #2 - Protect cash crops and improve the ecosystem

Plants are part of our lives and very important for us to protect. The youth of Kumbungu mobilized effort and safeguarded a community forest by creating a fire belt to protect it from being burnt and deforestation. Community members were also sensitized on the importance of shea trees to the community and nation at large. This aims at getting community members from rampantly cutting them down to raise structures.

Tip #3 - Protect water bodies and improve clean water

Young people from Sang and Yipelgu in the Mion and Kumbungu Districts respectively adopted dams to safeguard. The Yipelgu youth sensitized farmers who farm along the banks of the dam on the use of pesticides and their effects on the dam. Whilst, the youth of Sang with the support of their community chief engaged a caretaker to watch over the Dam.

Tip #4 - Promote afforestation and protect the green life

Young Environmental Brigadiers from

Sheli-lan yili &Namburugu communities in the Karaga District organize tree planting exercises in their community. Also, young people from Zeing in the Nantong District organize tree planting exercise involving community members with the help of the district assembly. There are able to secure up to 1000 seedlings for the exercise.

These are actions young people take in protecting their environment, what's your community action towards protecting your environment? Share with us via and don’t forget to read more about our work on youth and climate action here

Compiled by Yakubu Hamdiatu


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