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Giving for Change

YEFL-GHANA served as lead partner in a consortium together with Songtaba and Myhereafter  to implement the Touching lives through local giving  project with funding from STAR-Ghana Foundation. This project aimed at strengthening relationship between local non-profit organization and the local donor community through transparent and accountable systems leading to increase regular giving and financial sustainability. It further intended to support communities and NGOs with capacity to explore local ways of raising funds for project sustainability. 


Fundraising within the Non-profit sector has became one of the most competitive in recent times especially during and post covid-19. This competitiveness has necessitated the need for practitioners to develop very innovative ideas that can achieve greater outcomes and strengthen their accountability systems with their donors to continue to receive their support and impact lives and communities positively. And also device ways of staying relevant and self-funding with or without the donor community. 


  • To promote public awareness of local giving and local philanthropy as an alternative to foreign aid.

  • To support 10 communities to pilot community initiatives using local giving to raise funds to address needs

  • To establish accountability platforms documenting and sharing impact of local giving in community development.

  • To strengthen the fundraising capacity of Non-profits for project sustainability.


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