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Promoting Literacy Amidst Covid-19

With the disruption of education and closure of schools by the corona-virus pandemic, school-going children especially the marginalized have been the hardest hit. What can be more threatening when educational outcomes for these marginalized groups are already poor?

We are concerned that, with the continuous closure of the schools to next year means children from poor homes without access to electricity and internet connectivity, will continue to be left behind as government and a cross-section of the media provide virtual learning opportunities for children from well to do communities and families.

This, therefore, calls for deeper reflection and action by government and civil society to extend some form of support to children in marginalized communities with opportunities to learn during these challenging times.

To highlight our contribution in promoting literacy during this pandemic,

In partnership with Right To Play, working with youth volunteers, a little over 5,000 children have been reached in 3 districts of Savelugu, Kumbungu and Tolon under the Gender Responsive Education And Transformation (GREAT) Project.

In this intervention, the youth volunteers engaged the children at the household level on a daily basis with reading books, protective equipment and notepads and assisted them through reading activities. The children, together with their parents were also provided with psycho-social support and sensitization on the preventive measures against the pandemic. What can be more important?

Also, with the support of Tzedek, teachers and parents within the Tamale Metropolis and the Sagnarigu Municipality are being provided with psychosocial support and mobilized to provide continuous assistance to children in the 11 Twinning schools during this period. Tzedek through the Twinning project is promoting literacy among some 1,500 children in 11 schools in the two assemblies which have been affected by the pandemic.

With our Young Women in Literacy Project under the Empowerment for Life Program with funding from CISU through GV, 100 young women without any form of literacy are being assisted with literacy and numeracy skills in 4 districts of Mion, Savelugu, Karaga and Kumbungu, so that they can become more functional in the society, participate in entrepreneurship initiatives and get to establish and run their businesses.

As we celebrate this day, we call on all communities, government and civil society to do their best to support these vulnerable groups to catch up with the loss learning opportunity and time.


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